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Being Canadians, we were tired of driving our trucks with wheels that did not reflect our identity. Every time we were looking to purchase a new set of wheels, we would shop around the market for Canadian brands before eventually settling for American brands we didn’t particularly care for. We wanted to support local but there weren’t any Canadian wheel companies creating and selling the type of premium wheels we were looking for. We decided that enough is enough and we were going to take it upon ourselves to fill that void.

We began designing wheels that represent us Canadians. We wanted to manufacture gnarly wheels that were innovative, bold and made heads turn every time our trucks drove by. After months of planning, Generation Trucks was born, and we have not looked back since. We have been dedicated to developing the best possible products for you guys and we are confident you will be very excited with what we have come up with. Our wheels come in a large variety of fitments so whether you’re driving a stock or a trophy truck we have something for you. Whether you’re gearing up for a winter road trip to snowboard in the Rockies or cruising the highway on a late summer night, Generation Trucks guarantees you and your truck will always roll up looking your best.

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